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 An example of how I love to make a subject come alive, "The Reluctant Pilgrim" depicts a Texas Cowboy attempting to rope a Longhorn and coax him up the Great Western Trail to Deadwood in the 1880's

Where Bronze comes alive and lasts for a long .....long time .



Richard Tucker

Workshop at my studio: Basic Sculpting with Plastiline

Clay. Hands on clay modeling from armatures to texture.

Displaying my work at the Black Hills Stock Show in the Theatre Lobby of the Rapid City Civic Center : 10 am-7:30 pm

I did my first bronze sculpture in 1977 and havebeen a professional since 1993. It is highly rewarding to finish a piece and even more so when someone like a child appreciates it.

I love to study and observe nature and when I do a new subject I try to be true to the physical characteristics as well as the personality of the animal. See the  Wildlife page.

I love the romance of history and seek to show the drama and adventure from the past.               

See the History page.

These models in clay will become bronze.  There is a special price if the patron pays for the piece before it goes to the foundry. See Models in Clay. 

I have recently developed a sculpture garden next to my studio. If you are in the Custer area, give me a call and come visit.



LIKE WHAT YOU SEE?  contact me to purchase a bronze.

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